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Do you need a resume written or updated for a job you're looking for?  Why not save yourself time, aggravation and missed opportunities by hiring a resume writer who can get results? I have more than 15 years of experience writing resumes for managers, professionals and students. In addition, I have been a hiring manager and know what it takes to get your resume into the hands of a manager who can decide to interview and hire you. 

The process is simple. Just email me at and let me know that you have a resume that you would like written or updated. I will contact you by email or phone and we can review the type of job you are looking for and how to best present your qualifications. I will write a draft resume and/or cover letter for you to review and then revise it until you are comfortable with the final version that you will send to potential employers. Once your resume is complete, you can pay via credit card or PayPal. If you would like a quote or additional information, just email me at    


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